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Covet is a project designed to support and cultivate Vancouver’s community of photographers. The talent pool of shooters in our city runs deep and our unique styles produce an endless torrent of work. The aesthetic choices made behind the lens are as varied as the people who create them. Covet takes the creative influences of Vancouver-based photographers, separates them from their source, and unites them in a unique mashup of new perspectives. Favourite people and places quickly become dominant in the images we produce. But what if we upended our established habits and introduced completely new muses to our work? The result would be this exhibition.

Our mission is to create a dialogue between artists, challenging them to find original pathways of expression with the support of their peers. It takes trust to surrender your most valued model and location to someone else, and it takes faith to believe they’ll make something meaningful with them. The ultimate goal is to find new ways of engaging with the creative community, our environment and the viewing public – and to make really good art along the way.


1. Every participant contributes a muse, this can be a person or thing that carries personal value to them.
2. Contributors also supply their most coveted setting/location (landscape, house, visual environment, etc...)
3. Photographers are then randomly given one artist’s subject matter and a different artist’s setting/location.
4. Start shooting.